Seagull’s Revenge


Seagull’s Revenge

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Dr. Sergei Karlovich—codenamed Seagull—is one of the most brilliant, powerful, and dangerous of Russian operatives. He seeks a hideous form of revenge for what Luc Ponti and his SPI (Super Paranormal Intelligence) Team wrought on his daughter, Tamara Carlin, a Russian double agent within the CIA. Should Seagull succeed, it could place the world in jeopardy of falling under Rus­sian global dominance.Seagull’s Revenge is a fusion of deep-state espionage, science, technology, and pol­itics, experienced through the eyes of the three members of the SPI Team, each of whom has been gifted with unique superpowers, subsequent to their near-death ex­perience (NDE).Woven throughout the fabric of the novel’s narrative of espionage and foreign in­trigue, the author provides examples of immense power, hiding in plain sight, accessible by intimately understanding the Meaning of Life and Life Purpose, ­both available at higher levels of consciousness. It leaves the listener with an im­portant message: all is connected in ways we could never have imagined.


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