My Foolish Heart


My Foolish Heart

Length: 12hrs 36mins 87 episodesCompleted
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Kathleen Roberts comes back to the city she left eight years ago. The place where it holds so many memories, including the man she first loved- Miles Carlson. Whom Kathy tried to save from the deceit of a cunning woman. Little did she know, saving him would cost the life of her own brother. Miles Carlson, a CEO and typical bachelor finds himself entangled with his childhood friend and his best friend’s sister Kathy. The woman who had tried to protect him from someone he knows won’t hurt him, his Girlfriend Nadia. A mistaken night together, a dying person’s request, a contract marriage, and the unexpected news would make their world crazy even more. Lies, deceit, and deception will bind them together. Two foolish hearts beating as one, but would they be able to give their love a second chance?


  • billionaire
  • arranged marriage
  • dare to love and hate
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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