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Whether it be the hero of legends or the character in a game, few things are more defining than Class.Except maybe Class isn’t always static. Tank, DPS, healer, and more. They are all just different sides of fate’s die.Taken from life as an office drone by a trickster god, Tim finds himself in the magical world of Iocusinte, where change is his only constant. It grants him great potential, enough to be sought out by different factions looking to use him for their own ends.That potential, however, is mercurial. His Class and very appearance shift at random.If Tim is to survive long enough to enjoy this new world and the friends he’s making, then he’ll have to solve the riddle of his nature and learn to master the uncontrollable.Experience the next LitRPG saga from Amazon bestseller Sean Oswald. It’s perfect for fans of Dakota Krout, Luke Chmilenko, and Troy Osgood.


  • Science Fiction


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