Suicide Kings


Suicide Kings

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How is it fair that Jane, miraculous healer and lightning-slinging badass, gets all pukey at the sight of blood?Taking a job in an emergency room for magical agents might not be the best fit, but if Jane agrees to work for the man for a couple of months it will give her mentor the time he desperately needs to bounce back from losing his powers, his girlfriend, his job, and his right arm. So Jane puts her dreams of personal liberty in a full nelson, dusts off her magical powers, and gets ready to step under Big Brother’s thumb.Surprise! Her corporate responsibilities include a side assignment, too. Investigating the murder of a teenaged necromancer, Jane is stuck playing Watson for the most obnoxious agent on staff. Of course, he uses his Sherlock Holmesian powers of deduction to throw a match on the gasoline-soaked house of cards that is Jane’s life by pointing out that she’s, well, about six months pregnant. Since Jane’s the first person with powers to get knocked up in recorded history, suddenly everyone is suuuuper interested in her for all the wrong reasons.As the net continues to close, Jane’s not the only one inside. Her newly not-possessed mentor is up to his neck in a web of golemancy, sabotage, freelance psychos, and traitors. How can Jane, mildly nauseous and completely out of her depth, stay alive long enough to catch a killer, save her mentor, and plan an epic escape from the most powerful magical corporation in the world on the side?Words of Power is an urban fantasy adventure series with a hearty helping of Sumerian, Arthurian, and modern mythologies, and a double dose of inclusive romance. Fans of Quentin Tarantino, Tamsyn Muir, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will enjoy the cheeky writing, simmering romance, and technicolor brawls.


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