When Baldwin Loved Brenden


When Baldwin Loved Brenden

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A whole decade has passed since Baldwin, Brenden, Bria, and Christopher last saw each other. In college, they were a close-knit circle of friends who called themselves the Group—until an unfortunate set of circumstances placed their friendship in jeopardy. They went their separate ways after graduation, never looking back, and never expecting to see each other again.Now they are reunited in a small North Carolina town to attend the funeral of one of their own. Rihanna was always the peacemaker of the group, so it’s almost fitting that it’s at her funeral that the Group will have to confront their past issues. Baldwin, the romantic, Brenden, the do-gooder, Bria, the wild child, and Christopher, the pretty boy, are all about to learn some truths about each other and about themselves over a few unforgettable and life-changing days. Secrets will be revealed, past hurts exposed, tears shed, and laughter shared, all in the name of friendship and love.Electa Rome Parks, bestselling author of Diary of a Stalker, asks the question, “Can anything truly tear apart real friendship and love?”


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