Les Tales


Les Tales

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Three Urban Books authors join forces to entertain listeners with erotic tales of forbidden lesbian love.Since childhood, Temple has idolized her favorite actress, Ursula Moore. She is stoked to find out that Ursula will be a guest at the Atlanta convention she’s attending with fellow fangirl friends Cree and Nia. To Temple’s surprise, more savory options than just getting an autograph are presented.Taryn’s and Nina’s lives unite in an intense and fiery connection through their one common link: Layne, the woman they both loved. Taryn, a reserved wife, is unaware of her own astounding beauty and lurking alter ego. Nina is Layne’s tempting mistress. With their damaged hearts, they challenge the unacceptable and cross boundaries into a disturbing affair that pushes the limits of erotic gratification and exploration. Secrets are exposed, hidden agendas are revealed, and the line to the forbidden is erased.Chloe hoped that when she went away to college, her desire for her mother’s friend Kai would go away, but when she returns home, she finds that her attraction is stronger than ever. When she runs into Kai at a local fair, the sparks fly between the two women in a way that cannot be ignored. Chloe becomes determined to seduce Kai, vowing to have the older woman, no matter the cost.


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