Poirot Investigates


Poirot Investigates

Length: 05hrs 50mins 11 episodesCompleted
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You will soon discover that Captain Arthur Hastings is on hand to relate confirming details of case after case. Hastings was an ongoing friend and adventure companion of the often exuberant Belgian investigator who once proudly proclaimed, “I am the greatest detective in the world.”In the tales related by Hastings, we soon discover the supremely confident little man lived up to his apparent braggadocio. His statement was rarely, if ever, challenged. Anyone taking umbrage to the proud claim was soon to back off and accept it. The expressed personal opinion was plain enough, nothing other than unvarnished fact.Even with some misgivings, Hastings had to admit his compatriot always managed to stand upright no matter how implicit demands for retraction or truth might be.Listen now to discern the facts as Hastings begins the narrative.


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