The Fallen Alpha


The Fallen Alpha

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- COMPLETED - ENEMIES-TO-FATED MATES Cillian was an Alpha by birthright and a ruthless leader by choice. And there was no place in his black heart for love. Only blood and vengeance sang in his veins. When a rival pack breaches his territory and captures one of his enforcers, he retaliates by abucting the beautiful daughter of their alpha and demands a surrender. But he soon realises that Kiera was no ordinary she-wolf. With her wild beauty and unbreakable spirit, she is a force to be reckoned with. He does everything in his power to bring her to heel, and in the process, find himself breaking his own rules. Until one shocking revelation shakes his reality. Kiera is his fated mate. What will Cillian do? Will he reject her or accept the bond? When the worlds of Cillian and Kiera will collide, can their unparalleled desire and love endure their vengeance? Read the story to find out. ________________________ EXCERPT: “You can’t hide in there forever,” I heard Cillian’s voice from the other side, and immediately it grated on my nerves. Throwing the heap of clothes aside, I picked up my dress and put it on. I didn’t care that it was dirty because I would not wear anything that he provided me with. Twisting the doorknob, I steeled my spine and lifted my chin. It didn’t matter if he managed to outwit me before; as long as I breathe, I had power.  “I wasn’t hiding,” I said haughtily, coming into his view. “I was washing the stench of your dirty hands off my body. Apparently, they are too disgusting and stubborn to be cleansed.” Cillian stood with his hands tucked inside his pockets and leaned against the farther wall. And even though I found his personality appalling, I was not blind to the perfection of his rigid body and flawless physique.  It’s like Moon Goddess created a flawless specimen of visual excellence and forgot to put a soul into his animalistic structure. He was an untamed beast. One who didn’t bother to hide his unsheathed claws and hidden teeth. A small smile stretched on his lips over my snippy comment. “I am so glad that you are back to your old form of maleficence tendencies. Come to think to it; maleficent should be your middle name.”  “And pathetic should be yours,” I shot back. ___________________________________


  • alpha
  • possessive
  • opposites attract
  • shifter
  • dominant
  • badgirl
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • rejected
  • Romance


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