Amy of the Necromancers


Amy of the Necromancers

Length: 10hrs 17mins 57 episodesCompleted
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A dead girl who won’t talk. A living girl with death in her bloodline.Amy’s family isn’t like other people. Amy’s mother has an almost magical ability to ease the pain of the dying. Every full moon, her aunt sits in a graveyard and talks to ghosts. Her sister Sarah can predict how someone will die.And Amy—well, she can raise the dead.Until now, Amy has only ever brought back pets and wild animals. But on the night before starting her junior year in high school, she brings back something new: a little girl. As Amy searches for the child’s identity, she begins to suspect the girl’s death wasn’t an accident. Where is her family? Why won’t she speak? Why is she too frightened to leave Amy’s side?But while the mystery grows more complex, Amy’s life brings more turmoil. Her crush, the beautiful and mysterious Toni Davis, has secrets of her own. Amy’s powers—and her chronic depression—become tougher to hide from her friends. And worst of all, she finds it harder than ever to connect with her family, the only people who could understand the strange position she occupies in the balance between life and death.Amy of the Necromancers is a novel about dark magic, love in all its complex forms, and the cost of discovering your identity.Content warnings: death, domestic violence, suicide


  • Fantasy


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