GO! The Bettenhausen Story


GO! The Bettenhausen Story

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If Ford Versus Ferrari kept your attention, Go! The Bettenhausen Story will keep you riveted. What prompts these men to propel themselves at death-defying speeds? Subtitled The Race Against a Dream, this audiobook attempts to answer that question through the eyes of the Bettenhausen family, one of the greatest racing families in the history of the sport of racing. Whether a casual or passionate racing fan, you’ll be fascinated at the closeup of the racing industry as this book chronicles its growth from the 1930s to the 1980s through the eyes of patriarch Tony Bettenhausen and his three racing sons as they conduct the “Race Against a Dream.”As the author, Carl Hungness writes, “It’s not the win at Indy the racers want, it’s the challenge. The way of life. It’s the feeling that can’t be conveyed until it’s experienced. What makes the breed of a man they call a race car driver tick? Some respect them and others pity them. Don’t pity them; they’ve seen the consequences. They all think they’ll beat the odds. For some, driving in the race is living and everything else is just waiting. They’re more alive inside the car than out of it.”A very small percentage of humans will experience the peril and thrill of the Indy 500, an annual spectacle that fuels the dreams of men and women alike that seek the thunderous adrenaline rush that the race provides. This audiobook dares to drive you close to experiencing “the aura surrounding the fervor for driving a race car.” Buckle up, it’s quite a ride.


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