Northern Dawn


Northern Dawn

Length: 10hrs 45mins 34 episodesCompleted
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War takes guts and luck to survive … but will it be enough?Wolf’s been promoted. He’s helped bring down one of the South’s greatest generals. Yet his country still has more to ask of him, and the costliest war in America’s history rages on.Sheridan’s cavalry raids west to destroy Confederate infrastructure and divert attention from Grant’s movement south of the killing fields of Cold Harbor. Yet Wade Hampton and his rebel forces have something else in store for the Union Cavalry Corps.Wolf quickly finds himself in the hot seat of the largest all-cavalry battle of the war near Trevilian Station. Isolated and surrounded, can they survive the coming Southern storm? Or will they be overrun and annihilated, a mere footnote in history?Continue the thrilling military historical fiction series that’s perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Michael and Jeff Shaara, Matthew Harffy, Steven Pressfield, and Simon Scarrow.


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