THE LYCAN PRINCE'S GIFT: Princes of Anon (1)


THE LYCAN PRINCE'S GIFT: Princes of Anon (1)

Length: 20hrs 42mins 110 episodesCompleted
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“Do you think my mate will want me, since i have no beast?” I ask, feeling ashamed of my inadequacy. “He’ll want and love you, no matter what.” ------ He, Dominique, the respectable second prince of the Zhanton Kingdom. She, an abnormal slave whose mother was killed by her father and herself sold to pay his debts. They have different identities, yet they are both disabled in some sense. He seems to be incompetent, physically and in ability, forced to hide himself and pretend to be mated with another lycan, while she is not a lycan, still chosen by the Queen to be his personal maid. Fate, let the two parallel lines intersect from then on. No one can foresee that a humble female like her, will ignite the amour of the Prince, and even light the whole of Zhanton ablaze...


  • Paranormal
  • adventure
  • possessive
  • mate
  • prince
  • drama
  • bxg
  • slavery
  • royal
  • another world
  • supernatural


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