Batman’s Batman


Batman’s Batman

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An insider’s look at Hollywood and how movies and television shows are madeIn Batman’s Batman, Michael E. Uslan, executive producer of the Batman movie franchise, offers an insider’s look at Hollywood and the process of how movies and television shows go from the drawing board to your screens.Continuing the delightful tale of his adventures begun in The Boy Who Loved Batman, Uslan draws on both his successful and less successful attempts to bring ideas to the screen, offering a helpful, honest, and breezily told guide to producing films. From passion to promotion, from the initial pitch to selecting the best partners and packaging, Uslan reveals the thirteen qualities essential to would-be producers.A lively memoir and a valuable glimpse inside Hollywood rarely seen by the public, Batman’s Batman is sure to please fans of Michael Uslan and the Batman franchise, but will also prove to be an invaluable resource for any aspiring producers, as he guides listeners through the Land of Bilk and Money.


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