After the Fact


After the Fact

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Ten years after graduating from Harvard, lawyer Jack Collins sets out to reinvent himself. The Ivy-leaguer leaves a small Connecticut law practice to join one of the nation’s most prestigious firms, trading a nondescript office for one in a gleaming New York City skyscraper. He surrounds himself with people far more glamorous than those he’s left behind. He basks in the pride of being with his famous new boss, his alluring new coworker, and his fascinating new client, Abigail Walker, wealthy widow of a US senator.Jack thinks he is on the path to glory. He couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, Jack is a victim of deceit—a pawn in a game he doesn’t even know he’s playing. His new boss harbors deep secrets. His seductive coworker is not the person he thinks she is. And his new law firm is at the very center of a blackmail plot involving the widow Walker. Oblivious to countless warning signs, Jack doesn’t appreciate the danger around him—until he is literally running for his life.


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