Turn Your Fandom Into Cash


Turn Your Fandom Into Cash

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This geeky guide (by an avowed geek) shows you the ins-and-outs of making money involved in the worlds you love to immerse yourself in or one you want to create.Turn Your Fandom Into Cash teaches fans how to power up their own geeky businesses, harness the power of their fandom, and shield themselves against the wrath of intellectual property holders. This book will also offer real-world examples for aspiring Tony Starks and Bruce Waynes. In many cases, these passion-pursuits have led to full-time careers; in one case, it created a one hundred million dollar business.This book is filled with advice from geeky creators, all of whom have earned money following their passions. Some of these creators work independently, others take gigs when they’re not at their day jobs, and some have created businesses that have earned millions.In Turn Your Fandom Into Cash, you will learn:How many opportunities there are to find work doing something you love.What kind of education and financial outlay is required to start your particular geek business.How to acquire a license from a major media publisher.What kind of work you can legally create, even without a license.Advice on why you should—and should not—go into business for yourself.Practical tips on getting your products and services noticed by fans.Truly, there has never been a better time to have a geek business. Now grab your lightsaber or your Lucille and take a slice out of the fandom you love dearly.


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