Tell Me Your Name


Tell Me Your Name

Length: 06hrs 30mins 17 episodesCompleted
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Tell Me Your Name is the story of a serial killer who lurks in darkness and brutally terrorizes the peaceful community of Shallow Front.Detective Trent Holloway, a fifteen-year veteran of the Spring Garden police force, must stop this sly and devious killer who is as depraved as he is elusive. Sleep deprived from horrific nightmares for many weeks, Holloway is constantly fatigued. But with the death toll increasing every few days and with a serial killer on the prowl, he may never rest again. Holloway and his colleagues are stumped. The fingerprints at the crime scenes belong to dead people. Have the dead come back to life to prey on innocent victims, or is a seriously deranged maniac taking Detective Holloway on a wild chase into madness?A sacred and pure secret connects the victims, and places Holloway and his team in terrible danger against the forces of evil. With each chapter, this chilling thriller is sure to have you biting your nails in anxiety and breathtaking suspense.


  • Suspense/Thriller
  • murder
  • crime
  • serial-killer


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