Adventures of Ghetto Sam and The Glory of My Demise


Adventures of Ghetto Sam and The Glory of My Demise

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The Adventures of Ghetto SamThis whimsical adventure is about a brother named Sam Black who encounters a beautiful chick in the middle of New York and ends up in a world of trouble. Meet a princess with a body—and a dead body—a king with his own army, and a billionaire bank owner who turns out to be the biggest drug lord this country has ever seen.Ghetto Sam finds opportunity in any obstacle and represents the change that one man can bring, no matter the odds.The Glory of My DemiseTake a trip with me—let me show you a few things about the hood, about my life. To all of you sociologists, psychoanalysts, and pseudoliberals who think the hood is some sort of laboratory to experiment in: Do you think you’re analyzing something that’s not in your own backyard? You think locking us up will keep you safe while you hide behind your suburban walls?You still asleep? The Glory will wake you up!The Glory of My Demise is not just a trip for you—it’s my story, so that makes it for us. And in the end, it’s always for us.


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