Beyond the Lines


Beyond the Lines

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Sustaining Success in Sports, in Business—or AnywhereBeyond the Lines offers a game plan for any leader to help an organization achieve and sustain success. We all know that success is not easy. If it were, everyone would be successful. The question is, do you deal with your challenges in a positive way? What's more, can you help others deal with their challenges in a positive way? People don't want to be "managed," after all—they want to be guided. They know that no matter how challenging a situation might be, they can trust the leader to make the best decisions for the team.In direct, simple terms, author Rusty Komori lays out a path for achievement and excellence in leadership, drawing from notable examples in sports history, as well as his own decades as a successful, championship-winning tennis coach.Produced by John Matthews, Irondog Productions


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