30 Days Together


30 Days Together

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Clearing his throat, Kyle decided to just rip the band-aid as fast as possible. “Why do you want to die?” he asked in a husky voice as he gently shoved her against the locker and pinned her in. Akina swallowed, hard. “You read my journal, didn’t you?” she asked instead, not able to meet his eyes. “Yes, I did. Now tell me, why? Why do you want to die so much huh?” She quickly glanced at him before looking away. “It’s complicated,” she said in a whisper looking at her feet. “Bullshite.” Kyle was getting angry. He just couldn’t understand. He ran a frustrated hand through his hair as he stared at her, “Fine! Then give me 30-days. 30-days to show you that life is worth living. If I can’t prove to you that life is worth living, then you can kill yourself and I won’t try to stop you.” He used his index finger to gently lift her chin up and they stared at each other. “Okay,” she bit her lip. ******************* Akina never thought she would ever meet anyone who cared about her enough to want to save her from herself. But then she met carefree, easy-going, and laid-back Kyle. He saw the world in bright colors and that was exactly why she wanted to him at any cost. But he has his other plans. 30-days, that’s all he needs to show that her life is worth living.


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  • goodgirl
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  • tragedy
  • sweet
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  • highschool
  • coming of age
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