Rocking R Ranch


Rocking R Ranch

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From acclaimed storyteller Tim Washburn comes a thrilling new saga of the Old West, the sprawling story of one frontier family—and the Texas home they fought for, lived for, and died for.AN AMERICAN DREAM IN THE MAKINGWhen the Ridgeway family staked their claim on more than forty thousand acres of land in northwest Texas, they knew they had their work cut out for them. Located on a sharp bend of the treacherous Red River, their new home—the Rocking R Ranch—was just a stone’s throw away from Indian territory. It was as lawless and wild as the West itself, crawling with unsavory characters, cattle rustlers, horse thieves, outlaws, robbers, and worse. But still, the Ridgeways were determined to make the Rocking R a success—and a home—for their four remarkable children: Percy, Eli, Abigail, and Rachel.Together, the Ridgeways could endure anything. Floods, tornadoes, Commanche raids in the dead of night. But when one of their own is kidnapped … that’s when all hell breaks loose.This is their story. The story of the American West.


  • Romance


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