Charleston Green


Charleston Green

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If Tipsy Collins learned one thing from her divorce, it’s that everyone in Charleston is a little crazy—even if they’re already dead.Tipsy, a gifted artist, cannot ignore her nutty friends or her vindictive ex-husband, but as a lifelong reluctant clairvoyant, she has always avoided dead people. When Tipsy and her three children move into the house on Bennett Street, she realizes that some ghosts won’t be ignored.Till death do us part didn’t pan out for Jane and Henry Mott, who have haunted the house for nearly a century. Tipsy’s marriage was downright felicitous when compared to Jane and Henry’s ill-fated union. Jane believes Henry killed her and then himself, and Henry vehemently denies both accusations. Unfortunately, neither phantom remembers that afternoon in 1923.Tipsy doesn’t know whether to side with Jane, who seems to be hiding something under her Southern belle charm, or Henry, a mercurial creative genius. Jane and Henry draw Tipsy into their conundrum, and she uncovers secrets long concealed under layers of good manners, broken promises, and soupy Lowcountry air.Living with ghosts, however, takes a toll on her health and possibly even her sanity. As she struggles to forge a new path for herself and her children, Tipsy has a chance to set Jane and Henry free—and release the ghosts of her own past.


  • Fantasy


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