Child of the Grove


Child of the Grove

Length: 09hrs 46mins 22 episodesCompleted
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Now available in a new audiobook edition, the first novel published by Tanya Huff—author of the acclaimed Blood Books series—is a tale of magic and betrayal in a realm where once-powerful magic is fading … and a girl whose gifts may be the key to overcoming an evil not known in an eternity …In a far-ago age, wizards ruled the world with a power so dark even the Elder races feared them. But when their power caused them to unleash dragons from the depths of the earth itself, they were undone by their own hand, thus freeing the world.Or so it was thought. For now, after many years of hard-won peace, the human kingdom of Ardhan is under threat from the dread king of Melac. Yet the real danger is the king’s counselor, Kraydak—a wizard who survived the slaughter of his kind and has waited until now to rise to power once again. But the world will not be as easy to vanquish this time.For the royal family of Ardhan is no longer merely made of men. They have blended their destiny with the immortals who dwell in the Sacred Grove—a place untouched by darkness or death. And it will fall to the youngest of that enchanted bloodline to stand against the coming. Her name is Crystal. And she is the one thing in the world Kraydak fears.


  • Fantasy


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