Beyond Love and Lies


Beyond Love and Lies

Length: 23hrs 07mins 130 episodesCompleted
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Falling in love is something new to Andrea. For the past twenty-three years of her life, she and her twin brother lived to survive. Running and moving. Secluded and sheltered. That’s why when Andy meets Damien Davidson, she suppresses her feelings, for she is way out of his league, yet fate gets on her way. The word love is not written in his book. A billionaire and CEO of one of the biggest companies in New York, Damien has a reputation of a manwhore and womanizer. Meeting Andrea’s stunning beauty is not new to him, but getting smitten with her says differently. A beautiful escape he couldn’t refuse. A wonderful shared night led to a thousand equally shared heartbreaks. Beyond the love, lies overcome the whirlwind romance they entangle themselves with. Finding back herself is what Andy longed for, but finding who she is, Is something she couldn’t bargain away. Searching the love that Damien lost makes him miserable and dejected not until fate gives him another chance, but it seems too late anymore. Will the two broken souls be able to survive the rollercoaster ride of their torrid young love affair? (Including Mature Content)


  • billionaire
  • sex
  • escape while being pregnant
  • fated
  • second chance
  • playboy
  • kickass heroine
  • drama
  • bxg
  • Romance


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