Billionaire's Love Story


Billionaire's Love Story

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People say love can heal your broken heart and soul. But what happens when two people with their own different demons meet each other. Let’s find out together what happens when a person who is shattered like pieces of glass and feels like she is unworthy of anyone’s love, meets a person who can not share his pain with others and has built a wall around his heart that can’t be broken. When love blooms between these two, can they cure each other and break free from their demons. Iris was crying bitterly. It’s been half hour and yet she couldn’t stop herself. Riya was trying to calm her but nothing worked. Ace entered the room worried. He didn’t know why she was crying like this. He tried to take her hand in his when he was standing in front of her but she moved away from him shaking her head side to side. “I trusted you. When she was telling me everything, I didn’t believe her. I couldn’t believe her. And you know what is funny?” she smiled sadly looking at him and he was looking at her broken state with tears in his eyes. “ I still trust you. Even after hearing all of that was in audio clip, I still trust you.” He again tried to take a step closer to her and held her hands in his. This time she let him. Now she was exhausted. She didn’t have any energy. She whispered, “ it’s not true right. You were not with me only because of that, right? Hmm?” He didn’t know what she was talking about and wanted to ask what happened. But He was feeling helpless again and he was blaming himself for her condition. She again whispered looking into his tear filled eyes, “ will you really leave me if I don’t do it. Or will you leave me after you get what you want from me.” She slowly held his face in her small trembling hands and Ace wrapped his arms around her waist holding her trembling form to prevent her from falling. She whispered, “ Do you really just want to sleep with me? And after that I am nothing to you?”. His eyes widened and a whisper left his lips, “what?” Her legs gave in and she fainted in his strong arms.


  • billionaire
  • love-triangle
  • playboy
  • goodgirl
  • CEO
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • offifice/work place
  • assistant
  • Romance


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