The Alpha's Mysterious Princess


The Alpha's Mysterious Princess

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Stary Writing Academy III Girl Power - Rebirth of the heroine writing contest. ***** “Don’t touch me” he does not even budge. “I said don’t touch me” I warned him. My heart beat increasing as I fell his presence and touch envelop my senses. I gasped when I feel his breath on my lips. I startled struggling when he caged me in between him and the wall. “You like him touching, don’t you?” his cold words brought a shiver down my spine. “You don’t know what you are saying” I snapped at him. His eyes darkened as I pushed him away. He tightens his hold on my wrist. “You are hurting me” I whispered but his anger was nowhere simmering down. I don’t know why but I was having a bad feeling about this. ***** Isabella lived her life in nothing but contempt. She has been belittled and mocked for no fault of hers. She learned to survive and ignore it all. She is the princess of the Campbell castle or that’s what she had taught. But everything changed the moment her step mom and dad decided to make her half-brother the king something she always dreamt off. She returns back after five years only to be rejected by her mate. A mate she had no idea about. ***** Maxwell Mc Nair is the Alpha and Vampire king. He is every woman’s dream with good looks, his swoon worthy personality and his charming face. He is the broken Alpha of the golden summit pack. Ruthless to everyone. He is among the few werewolves who does not believe in second chance mate. Wanting to escape the pressure and pain, he decides to accept someone who is not his mate. Join in the journey, where fate and prophecy plays with souls shattered beyond belief. Read the journey of betrayal, rejection and love as they fight the prophecy and conquer over their desires to be together.


  • Fantasy
  • alpha
  • possessive
  • reincarnation/transmigration
  • dominant
  • kickass heroine
  • princess
  • twisted
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • vampire
  • betrayal


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