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There was no such thing as sensing your mate, scenting them from afar, or that spark you feel when you touch them. It is general knowledge that the haze season wasn't just for pinning your mark; it was an entire night of sexual release; to imprint and copulate with your chase anywhere on the hazing ground. Every three years packs gathered on the hazing ground closest to their territory, no matter their hatred, three days is, set aside for peace. The day before the haze, the day of the haze and the day after the haze where each partner receives blessings from their Alpha. Aztec Romulus Alpha heir of the WOLF CLAW is ecstatic as his return from the Alpha camp falls on a day before the haze season. What more could an Alpha heir ask for, he is 20 years old the perfect age to Ascend as Alpha of his pack and once he completes the haze ritual with his long-term girlfriend, he would be more than qualified to Ascend as the new Alpha. What happens when on the haze day instead of completing the ritual with his girlfriend, Aztec wolf chases after a different wolf, and completes the sexual haze with the grey wolf imprinting on him. What if this grey wolf is Torak Skull, the 25-year-old Alpha heir of the SHADOW BLADE pack? Torak Skull was eager to have his mark this season because that was the only thing preventing him from Ascending as Alpha. He needed a luna. What will Aztec do when he finds out that not only did he claim a male wolf, which was a taboo, the male wolf had to be the heir of their rival pack? Will the elders permit a union between the strongest pack and the most brutal pack? Wolf Claw is a pack known for their strength and agility, the largest, most respected and powerful. Shadow Blade pack, known for their brutality and corny ways. What will their fathers say when they find out the truth? More so will Aztec and Torak accept the union or will they fight tooth and nail to break it. Follow me on this journey as we unravel their Story.


  • LGBT+
  • alpha
  • arrogant
  • powerful
  • mxb
  • werewolves
  • pack
  • enimies to lovers
  • turning gay


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