Dead Drop


Dead Drop

Length: 11hrs 03mins 49 episodesCompleted
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All I’ve ever known is the Guild. They clothed me, fed me, raised me. They trained me. In return I became their perfect weapon, their loyal soldier, their deadly asset. For as long as I can remember, the Guild has been my life. Now, it’s about to become my death.Not everyone is cut out to be a mercenary. I’ve watched countless colleagues fail in their missions and pay the ultimate price. I’ve watched peers lose their minds with the weight of the work we do, and pay with their lives to keep our secrets.I never thought I would become one of them.No one quits the Guild. But I sure as hell won’t stick around to be killed by some coward in the shadows, pulling strings to see me fail.How do I run from the deadliest of hunters?How will I hide, when they have eyes everywhere?By making the enemy of my enemy my friend.The Guild was my whole life. My purpose. My mentor.Now I’ll do anything to escape them. To escape him.Even if it hurts.Especially if it hurts.


  • Fantasy
  • warrior
  • supernatural


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