Hidden Saint


Hidden Saint

Length: 11hrs 37mins 53 episodesCompleted
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The Hidden Saint takes listeners to a world they’ve never encountered before, in which the vast sweep of Jewish myth and magic is completely real. The historical horrors of eighteenth-century Eastern Europe are interwoven with fantastic creatures drawn from 3,500 years of Jewish myth and magic. For the first time, The Hidden Saint conjures up a very human origin story for one of the greatest superheroes of Jewish folklore: Rabbi Adam, famous for battling wizards, witches, and demons. The story opens on a long-awaited family wedding, which turns to horror as Rabbi Adam’s children are abducted by an ancient supernatural evil. As tidal waves and fires ravage the earth and the very stars above begin to disappear, can Rabbi Adam save them in time?


  • Fantasy
  • magical world
  • supernature earth


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