Homer on the Case


Homer on the Case

Length: 02hrs 45mins 18 episodesCompleted
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A homing pigeon teams up with a parrot and their humans to investigate an animal crime spree in this action-packed detective story from Henry Cole.Homing pigeon Homer and his parrot friend Lulu learn something is afoul when they witness four-legged criminals stealing valuables from both the animal and human communities. Lulu and Homer track down the bandits, but need human help to stop them for good. Can they lead their human keepers to the culprits’ hideout and stop the thieves?Award-winning author-illustrator Henry Cole offers a fun, action-packed middle grade mystery that will keep listeners guessing if the crime-solving pigeon will get his guy. A supporting cast of animals and humans forms a community that will have every listener wishing they could join in the hunt.


  • Suspense/Thriller


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