Doppelganger Danger


Doppelganger Danger

Length: 06hrs 38mins 38 episodesCompleted
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Five middle schoolers’ quest to save the multiverse continues in this explosive follow-up to Mission Multiverse, perfect for fans of the Percy Jackson series.This action-packed sequel finds middle school band geeks Dev, Isaiah, Tessa, Maeve, and Lewis trapped in a parallel version of Earth as they fight to save their families—and the entire rest of the multiverse—from the villainous Empyrean One. Far from home and running out of options, it will take everything they have to get back to Earth and preserve humanity once and for all. The startling revelation that they are their own worst enemies forces a painful decision: Will they forsake the lives they once knew for an uncertain future?Perfect for fans of the Percy Jackson series, this sweeping space adventure combines dry wit with a tension-laden plot to keep listeners hooked till the last sentence.


  • Action


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