The Vampire Kings Huntress (Lionheart Queens IV)


The Vampire Kings Huntress (Lionheart Queens IV)

Length: 08hrs 17mins 55 episodesCompleted
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“So right now, if I took out my sword and wanted to plunge it through your chest, piercing your heart…you would let me. You would let me Kill and take your life without a fight?” I asked the Vampire King with a bewildered expression. “Yes, that Is exactly what I mean Alyssa. For my life is already yours to freely take any time you wish. It's why you are my greatest weakness.” He replied. ***** I could feel my adrenaline pumping at an all-time high, as I changed from my high school clothes into my Vampire hunting clothes. It was my favorite time of the day. "A Time to go kill some bloodsuckers." My name is Alyssa Von Blaze. I come from a long line of Vampire Hunters and Killing Vampires is in my blood. I hate them all. Join me as I also try to juggle my high school life, filled with drama and bullies. While also having to face other sinister beings with their dark plans. But worst of all, having to fight my attraction to the Vampire King in the process."


  • Paranormal
  • dominant
  • brave


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