Truth about Thea


Truth about Thea

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Will, a recovering heroin addict-turned-counselor for whom truth is a championed element to recovery, has a dark secret—shared with no one outside of his anonymous AA meetings.Over twenty years ago, after an ultimatum from his pregnant ex-wife, Will was forced to assume a new identity and to fake his own death to get out from under his dealer and user-friends once and for all.Now Will is counseling Thea, a young woman who has been diagnosed with a pathological addiction to creating fake social-media identities and who founded a start-up company, Alibis, that created false internet identities for clients, many with suspect pasts. Thea’s addiction has landed her in rehab as a condition of her parole—after a plea bargain cut short a court case that would have put both Thea and Alibis on trial for a very high-profile crime.As Will works with Thea, the truth is put into motion on a collision course. Both Will’s secrets and his young client’s start to unravel—and reveal, at long last, the truth about Thea.


  • Suspense/Thriller


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