Purple Cloud


Purple Cloud

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“Alone that same day I began my way southward, and for five days made good progress. On the eighth day I noticed, stretched right across the south-eastern horizon, a region of purple vapor which luridly obscured the face of the sun: and day after day I saw it steadily brooding there. But what it could be I did not understand.”Adam Jeffson is the first man to ever reach the North Pole but, south of him, a deadly purple vapor spreads, passing over the world and wiping out all living creatures. The sole survivor on Earth, Adam embarks on an epic journey across the silent and devastated planet, piecing together a life from the flotsam and jetsam of his former existence. The Purple Cloud serves as one of Adam’s journals, and in it he documents his lonely adventures, his descent into madness, and his suspicion that this fatal event was no random act of nature: his survival was no accident, and his destiny—and the fate of the human race—must be part of a profound, cosmological plan.Admired by such writers as H. G. Wells, H. P. Lovecraft, and Stephen King, The Purple Cloud is widely hailed as a masterpiece of science fiction and one of the best “last man” novels ever written.


  • Science Fiction


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