Last Wizard


Last Wizard

Length: 10hrs 34mins 18 episodesCompleted
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Tanya Huff—acclaimed author of the Blood Books series—continues her high fantasy duology that began with Child of the Grove, in which she explores just what happens when a hero completes their quest, but must go on living in the world they have saved …Crystal was born of a bloodline both mortal and magical, raised to one day become a wizard and to defeat a long-hidden evil that threatened the realm of Ardhan. Through many dangerous adventures and lethal deceptions, she was finally victorious. And peace was at hand.Yet it was not so for Crystal.As the last living wizard, she soon found herself living a life without meaning. For while the people of Ardhan prospered in the world she had delivered, Crystal—with her still-growing powers—could find little solace. She was alone.Then, by chance, she saved a mortal life with her gift, reigniting her bonds with humanity and inspiring her to undertake a new quest—to find a long-hidden treasure unlike any other. A hidden cache of magical forces that only she can control or destroy.But the prize she seeks just might do the same to her …


  • Fantasy


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