Available Wife: Part 1


Available Wife: Part 1

Length: 06hrs 49mins 29 episodesCompleted
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Niquole Wright has it all; a loyal and devoted husband, two children and a rising record label that she dedicates more time to than her family. Everything is perfect except for one thing … her husband, Germaine. She has run her course with him and he needs to be replaced. When the handsome and seductive Kingston enters her life, he becomes the perfect substitute. Clueless to his wife’s plan, Germaine continues to be a loving naive husband while Niquole’s full blown affair quickly becomes her obsession. Desperate to start a new life with her new man, Niquole does everything in her power to push Germaine out of the picture. However, little does she know Kingston’s plans are different from hers. Sit back and see what happens when a wife learns the price of betrayal.


  • Romance


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