Doomed to love you


Doomed to love you

Length: 07hrs 42mins 42 episodesCompleted
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Samantha Cooper is a kind hearted, ambitious and bright soul living with her parents and elder brother. Benjamin is an arrogant, short tempered, blood thirsty mafia. What happens when he seeks revenge against Samantha and her family for the crime that they are not guilty of.? After years of torture, rape and abuse, when he learns that she is not to be blamed, will he start to love her? Will she be able to forgive him for destroying her beautiful life that she once had? “ Take your filthy hand of my sister. You are all going to pay for what that bastard brother of yours has done to my Benny.” He pointed his long finger at me. “You. You are going to suffer the same fate as her. No one can save you from me.” He spit venom through his words and turned away. I fell down on the floor sobbing loudly. ‘Jon what have you gotten us into?’


  • billionaire
  • revenge
  • dark
  • love after marriage
  • pregnant
  • arrogant
  • aloof
  • maffia
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • Romance


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