Still Grindin': The Welfare Grind Series, Book 2


Still Grindin': The Welfare Grind Series, Book 2

Length: 08hrs 07mins 27 episodesCompleted
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Keema is back, and dirtier than ever.After oddly maneuvering her way out of the blood bath she left behind in Arizona, Keema is up to her old tricks again. Between sex, greed, and murder, it’s almost impossible to escape from the hood life she’s grown accustomed to. From one scam to the next, she finally comes up with a new hustle that rains money and is sure to give her the riches she thinks she deserves.That is until someone from her past emerges, sending her into mental shock. The stakes become high as Keema fights for her life, still with her mind on her money. While stacking paper Keema also stacks enemies … old and new. Unfortunately for her, her street-savvy mentality may not be enough to get her off this time.


  • Suspense/Thriller


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