Miracle of the Moon Goddess


Miracle of the Moon Goddess

Length: 27hrs 59mins 162 episodesCompleted
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Book 2 in the Moonless Series Now it's up to Celeste, Angel's daughter, to find a way out from the elven realms. She needs to free herself, her mother and all her mates. To do this she needs to find out the secrets the elder elves are guarding. Will she be able to save all the creatures enslaved by the elves? Will she accept the sacrifices along the way? All sorts of mythical creatures know about her coming and have prepared themselves. The prophecy has only just begun. That doesn't mean there is no room for love and some fun between the mates, all the mates. She has after all been blessed by several gods. CW: THIS BOOK CONTAINS SEX, DEATH, SA AND VIOLENCE!!!


  • Fantasy
  • sex
  • shifter
  • mate
  • bisexual
  • mystery
  • moon goddess
  • slavery
  • multiverse


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