The Alpha Female's Omega


The Alpha Female's Omega

Length: 14hrs 46mins 66 episodesCompleted
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Girl Power Chasing Her Apollo Writing Contest. completed The night of the Red Moon is the night that makes every werewolf in the supernatural realm tremble in fear. That night brought two lives together, two heart intertwined. That night guided two werewolves of different ranks to each other. That night changed everything. Nora Blackwood is the most ruthless and most feared Alpha Female in America. Her name send chills down the spine of her enemies. After failing to find her fated mate on several occasions, she was betrothed to Mason Stanford. The second son of an Alpha of a neighboring pack. Who she aloof so much. But fate was on her side, next morning after the red moon, the most handsome and sexy Omega came knocking on his door. At first glance her wolf claimed and imprinted on the sexy Omega. Leonard Korun run away from home after been beaten badly by his stepfather on the night of the Red Moon. All he ever wanted was to feel safe and have a normal life but what happens when he crossed paths with the most dominate Alpha female alive? what happens when he is the strange man in the female Alpha's dream for the past two years? What happens when he is claimed by the ruthless Alpha Female against his will and consent? Will Leonard give in to her easily? Will he reciprocate her love? Read on to find out how the Alpha Female lure the sexy Omega with her dominance. How she fought against her parents and fiancé for her one true love.


  • alpha
  • possessive
  • fated
  • dominant
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • werewolves
  • female lead
  • pack
  • first love
  • Romance


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