Tale of the Tenpenny Tontine


Tale of the Tenpenny Tontine

Length: 06hrs 15mins 19 episodesCompleted
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Anty Boisjoly is back to fill the gap that overlaps between Ruth Rendell and P. G. Wodehouse, and where Jerome K. Jerome meets Dorothy L. Sayers.The Tale of the Tenpenny Tontine is another mystifying, manor house stumper for Wodehousian bon-vivant and problem-solver Anty Boisjoly, when his clubmate asks him to determine who died first after a duel is fought in a locked room. The untold riches of the Tenpenny Tontine are in the balance, but the stakes only get higher when Anty determines that, duel or not, this was a case of murder.


  • Suspense/Thriller


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