Loving the Devil


Loving the Devil

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He leaned a little and his minty breath tickled the bare skin beneath the angle of my jaw. Lowering his head, he glided his lips along the curve of my neck, earning a sharp intake of air from me. Small butterflies started erupting in my stomach and I tightened my hold on his shoulder. A whirlpool of emotions circled through me and my cheeks heated up. Breathlessly, I whispered, "What are you doing?" "I already told you, this is all a pretense. And if we want to be convincing, the only way is a little public display of affection.", he said, his voice sounding huskier. To control the small moan that threatened to escape my lips as he continued his slow torture, I bit the insides of my cheeks. He placed warm kisses in the crook of my neck, causing goosebumps all over my skin. When it became too much for me to handle, I let out a small groan of frustration and ended the dance subtly. *************** Hannah David, kind, innocent and beautiful.  Jackson Smith, handsome, successful and arrogant. She is an angel. He is a devil. She is an embodiment of love. His heart is filled with nothing but hate. Both are like opposite sides of pole. So what happens when they are stuck with each other in a loveless marriage? Will Hannah be successful in winning Jackson's heart when it was already shattered by a girl a long time ago? Or is he damaged beyond repair? Lets embark on this beautiful journey filled with love, drama, hate, jealousy, sacrifices and heartbreaks.


  • possessive
  • kidnap
  • forced
  • arranged marriage
  • arrogant
  • dominant
  • goodgirl
  • drama
  • tragedy
  • bxg
  • Romance


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