The Dragon King's Human Bride


The Dragon King's Human Bride

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"Who is that girl?" he voiced as he stared at the woman who was crowded by many paparazzi. "Well, according to my research, she is Sophia Melody. A singer, pop star, and a leading model. She is a sensational hit of this world" Abel, his viceroy said as the latter lowered his sunglasses and looked at her. Something was attracting him. His heart felt jealous as she smiles at other people. Suddenly her eyes met with his. The world stopped. He felt his heart race a hundred times more. He felt an unknown feeling of protection built up. "After a century found you" he murmured as she stared at him, tilting her head with confusion before diverting her attention back to her fans. "What is the matter, Sire?" Abel asked as the king gave a smile staring at the beautiful angel in front of him. "After our long wait, my search has ended. Tell our kingdom that their King will soon return with his bride" he said as his viceroy looked at him shocked. "You mean... her?" he asked as the latter nodded. "But she is a human and on top of that a well-known celebrity," he said as the dragon king smirked. "I have waited for a century ruling my kingdom alone without a bride. Do you think her being a human will stop me from making her mine?" He found his bride unexpectedly in his visit to the non-magical world. Now he has to disguise himself as a human being to get close to her. But what he didn't expect to know was that the so-called happy and perfect life she shows outside is just an act to hide her broken and tired soul. Support me on my Insta: authorrubyfaizal!


  • Fantasy
  • fated
  • shifter
  • kickass heroine
  • powerful
  • king
  • bxg
  • magical world
  • dragons
  • actress


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