Sideways: The Life of Wine (The Podcast), Vol. 1


Sideways: The Life of Wine (The Podcast), Vol. 1

Length: 12hrs 22mins 22 episodesCompleted
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Rex Pickett, author of the book Sideways (and adapted into an Oscar-, BAFTA-, and Golden Globe–winning movie) talks to Youssef Mourra about his life in wine, movies, screenplays, and books.This collection includes the following episodes:“Introducing Rex Pickett, Author of Sideways”“Introducing Sideways: The Life of Wine”“The Pinot Noir and the Rose”“Why Pinot Noir”“Wine Tasting”“An Update on All Things Sideways and Rex”“The Pinot Gris and the Chardonnay”“The Enduring Appeal of Sideways”“A Different Take on Food and Wine Pairings”“The Aging and the Vintage Wine”“No Fucking Merlot”“Chile and Chilean Wine”“Wine Snobbery”“Newsflash 1 - Sideways: The Play in Spain Falls Mainly on the Payne?”“Sideways: The Musical”“Miles and Jack”“The Worst Things about Men”“Why Rex Writes”“Sideways: The Movie Part I”“Sideways: The Movie Part II”“Sideways: The Movie Part III”“Sideways: The Movie Part IV”


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