Their Fiery Love: A Holiday Special


Their Fiery Love: A Holiday Special

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Viktor, one of the heirs to the Dragon Kingdom, has lived his life as a playboy. As a warrior, he is a fierce, cold-blooded killer. As a lover, he is just fierce and dominant in bed. However, he is a no-strings-attached kind of male, the reason he has a strict no-kiss policy established for any contact he has with females. Kissing is how dragons find their true mates. Viktor sees a mate as a liability, especially in his royal family. However, he will be tempted to go against his own policies, when he meets a certain Fae ambassador. A fairy who will not only turn his world upside down but also make him reconsider having a mate in his life. Madelyn is a fairy warrior who is of the smallest of her species. She is the niece of the great Queen Lailane, queen of the Fae clans. Maddie is a fierce fighter. But, because of her stature and family connections, she has always had to prove herself to her fellow warriors. Many see her as frail and usually underestimate her abilities. Because the queen knows and trusts Madelyn, she chooses her to be one of the ambassadors to the Dragon clans. Madelyn sees this as another opportunity to show her worth. Although, this might be her hardest job, yet. The dragon prince just might be her greatest challenge. He makes her feel things, she has never felt before. He makes her want for a mate, which could end up being her downfall. Will Viktor finally see that having a mate is a gift from the gods and not a liability? Will Madelyn open her heart, even though she knows that it can be her end? Can two polar-opposite species, be able to join as one? Keep reading to find out!


  • Paranormal
  • possessive
  • shifter
  • sensitive
  • prince
  • fairy/faery
  • weredragon
  • bxg


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