Target Switzerland


Target Switzerland

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Inspired by actual events, Target Switzerland is a gripping historical novel!The year is 1939 and Europe is hurtling toward war. Paul Muller is an intelligence agent trying to fend off threats from Germany, but also from Britain and France. Secret agreements reveal unexpected danger and new menacing entanglements as Switzerland becomes a target in the impending conflict. Muller uncovers plots and schemes to gain advantage by ruse and ploy—and violence.A compelling story of intrigue and deception as parties plot and scheme to defeat one another, the novel draws on a little-known historical fact in fashioning a taut and absorbing storyline. Diplomatic deception leads to high-stakes disputes and risky encounters as Muller confronts deadly spies, negotiates with corrupt arms dealers, and unravels subversive financial transactions. The atmosphere of doubt and fear will resonate with listeners watching the characters confront dangerous choices, unwitting actors on a path to war. Smoky meetings, shady deals, and political betrayal provide the background for an intense narrative.


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