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A beautifully crafted collection of eight short stories by Edna FerberIn Gigolo, Edna Ferber delves into the minds of eight diverse characters from all walks and stages of life: a handsome, oft-pursued mechanic who finds himself falling in love; a new widower who moves into the home of his son and daughter-in-law; a wounded pilot who discovers his family fortune has disappeared during the war and is reduced to making a living as a gigolo in Paris; a Broadway comedienne who is forced to reconsider her career options as she approaches the age of forty; an aspirational inventor who gets more than he bargained for when he marries a “home girl” whom he assumed would support his aspirations but ultimately furthers her own; a camping supply clerk who fancies himself a rugged outdoors man when in reality he has never traveled beyond Manhattan; a matriarch who grapples with turning sixty and managing her responsibilities to her grown children; and a young woman from Oklahoma who longs to escape her small town and discovers leaving home is hard to do.Gigolo is a stirring collection from a bestselling and beloved chronicler of American working people.Full contents:“The Afternoon of a Faun”“Old Man Minick”“Gigolo”“Not a Day Over Twenty-One”“Home Girl”“Ain’t Nature Wonderful!”“The Sudden Sixties”“If I Should Ever Travel!”


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