Sleuth of St. James's Square


Sleuth of St. James's Square

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Sir Henry Marquis, the Sleuth of St. James’s Square, shines in these sixteen unique mystery and crime stories from Melville Davisson Post.Sir Henry Marquis, the chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard, embraces the latest and greatest scientific methods of crime detection ranging from dactyloscopic (fingerprint identification) bureaus to photographie mitrique, and he has ample opportunity to utilize his skills in a range of mysterious scenarios …In the first story, “The Thing on the Hearth” a scientist is found dead in a locked room by his servant, and when Sir Henry comes to investigate, it appears that there may have been a visitor from … somewhere else involved in this mysterious death. “The Reward” finds Sir Henry perusing the memoirs of a US Secret Service agent. Sir Henry helps look for a woman with a large sum of money who has gone missing from nearby his hotel in “The Lost Lady.” In “The Cambered Foot,” the sleuth is on his way to investigate a murder when he gets caught up in another mystery entirely. Then, “The Wrong Sign” and “The Hole in the Mahogany Panel” peek into the past through a diary of one of Sir Henry’s own ancestors.These stories and many more make up the unexpected, clever, and thoroughly absorbing mysteries featured in this collection.Full contents:“The Thing on the Hearth”“The Reward”“The Lost Lady”“The Cambered Foot”“The Man in the Green Hat”“The Wrong Sign”“The Fortune Teller”“The Hole in the Mahogany Panel”“The End of the Road”“The Last Adventure”“American Horses”“The Spread Rails”“The Pumpkin Coach”“The Yellow Flower”“Satire of the Sea”“The House by the Loch”


  • Suspense/Thriller


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