Dirty Divorce 4


Dirty Divorce 4

Length: 08hrs 50mins 31 episodesCompleted
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The Dirty Divorce series has been a wild ride, and readers just can’t get enough of the Sanchez family drama. In this installment, the children of Rich Sanchez, Juan and Denie, don’t disappoint. Juan is determined to become his own man speeding through the fast lane of money, cars, and women. As he dominates the industry his father once ruled, he soon learns that being top dog carries a heavy price tag. While Juan constantly lives trying to dodge his demise, Denie stares death straight in the face as she keeps secrets buried to stay the baddest chick in the DMV. Denie is willing to put others at risk in order to live the life she’s become accustomed to.While Juan and Denie grow up repeating the vicious cycle Rich created, someone familiar watches in the shadows for revenge to ruin the Sanchez empire. Relationships are tested, lives are lost, and loyalty goes out the window as the Sanchez family battles to stay on top of the game that ruined them from the start.


  • Romance


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