Dirty Divorce 2


Dirty Divorce 2

Length: 07hrs 25mins 28 episodesCompleted
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This most-anticipated sequel has readers drooling from the mouth! In the first installment in the series, the Sanchez family ended with a bang. Lisa, Rich, and Denie all fought treacherously to escape a harsh death sentence. Only time will tell who had the heart to survive. This novel starts off with drama and violence as Rich learns that his son, Juan, is dominating an industry where Rich used to be top dog. After grinding all his life, the fast money and numerous women land Rich in a place where his only son has turned against him. For the first time in Rich’s life, money can’t solve the problem … and it certainly can’t keep the ruthless Renzo off his ass. Just when Rich thinks Lisa will take everything in their final divorce proceeding, his life may soon be ending too.


  • Romance


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