Boot Camp for Bad Boys


Boot Camp for Bad Boys

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I know I know, this camp was supposedly established to train bad boys to be better people of the society. But then also, there's my dad who took the advice from Principal Walters to enroll me into boot camp for my bad behavior and also because my principal had his last straw when I punched Cassie Evans in the face. I bawled my eyes out hoping my parents would change their minds but instead, there I was standing at the front office of a boot camp for boys the next day to be enrolled 4 months in hell. I'd be lying if I didn't constantly plan to go all prison break out of this place, but a boy named Caleb Hawthorne MIGHT just make me change my mind.


  • family
  • opposites attract
  • friends to lovers
  • badboy
  • comedy
  • sweet
  • bxg
  • Romance


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